Kallum Wood shares his story.

Just two months ago I was driving to work and feeling a little down. I was on a zero-hour contract and being treated like a low level member of staff, which didn’t motivate me or make me feel valued. I used to dread going in to work. However, it all changed when I managed to secure an apprentice place with The National Training Academy (TNTA).

I was extremely optimistic and some-what nervous at the same time, because I didn’t know what to expect. However, to cut it short, these two weeks have been the best time of my life. It was completely opposite of my last job, I’m cared for, treated well, I feel like a valued member of staff and not just an ‘apprentice’, but most importantly I felt home.

I was instantly welcomed and wasn’t looked down upon at all, which is a huge boost and obliterated any nervous feelings I previously had. It’s safe to say that this job has changed my life completely and given me an exciting new direction for my career development. The working environment is relaxed, friendly and fast paced. At meetings everyone listens to my ideas, many of which are being implemented. I truly look forward to coming to work, learning new skills and doing something that I enjoy.

It’s strange how in such a short space of time, someone can go from an unstable career that was markedly unpleasing, to a career that has and will change my life entirely; with the added bonus of being in a safe and caring working environment.  I intend to put my customer service skills, IT skills, innovative ideas and enthusiasm in to improving the customer experience of E-learning.