Thinking about doing your first aid at work online training? think again.

Our lives run at such a fast pace these days and everything is mobile – banking, bookings, our social lives! What about learning? Learning takes place in so many ways, every day of your life you learn new things. So it’s frustrating that some e-learning provider’s offerings don’t work on tablets, for life on the go.

You don’t have to be stuck at a desktop or starting up your laptop for our e-learning; delayed train, a lull in customers in your shop or a quiet nightshift. No problem, spend the time on personal development, get mobile learning, making use of that dead time.

I get asked about the quality of e-learning (there are bad examples out there). Our courses CPD certified, however, this is more about the quality of material, not about the individual.

To address this, we teamed up with a National Awarding Body. They checked the online assessments against specified assessment criteria. This would demonstrate the learners understanding of the topic. This gives us confidence to say, the learning material and individual learners understanding has been quality checked.

Tight training budget? Mobile e-learning can be solution, but beware, not for first aid at work. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) will not accept e-learning, blended or distance learning. If you do first aid online, ask yourself, why does my provider do this, if it’s not acceptable by HSE?

Some learning will always take place face to face, but mobile e-learning can meet other requirements; data protection, health and safety, etc. and in doing so save you time and money.

Biz Training Solutions is perfect small businesses with less than 50 staff. Take for example our equality and diversity course; we don’t just teach you about equality and diversity, we go through what needs to be in your policy and why.

Contact us. If you are a small business that needs cost effective e-learning, which is quality driven. In addition we have subject matter experts on hand to answer questions, in addition to technical support.