A Comprehensive Cyberbullying Guide for Parents

A Comprehensive Cyberbullying Guide for Parents Last Updated: 07 June 2018 Table of Content An Introduction to Cyberbullying What is Cyberbullying Cyberbullying Trends and Statistics How to Prevent Cyberbullying What to Do if Your Child is Being Cyber Bullied The Effects of Bullying Vulnerable Group Cyberbullying Guide for Parents – Prevention Summary Cyberbullying

Forgetting This One Little Thing Makes Every Day More Stressful

Forgetting This One Little Thing Makes Every Day More Stressful You cannot control exactly what happens in life, but what you can do is control how you respond. ACT don’t REACT, this is your greatest power. Learning how to respond to life’s surprises and challenges more effectively is one of the best skills you can

Making 2017 count!

Making 2017 count! Christmas is over, the decorations are packed away for another year and 2017 is here. If you are anything like me, the holiday season will feel like a distant memory already. Most people will have had that feeling of dread on January 3rd, it is time to go back to work…

Why do we think negatively? Surely we know better by now!

Unless you have been living in an area with no access to books, TV or the internet for the last five years, you will be more than familiar with the idea that positive thought promotes positive behaviour. The evidence out there is mind blowing, yet as human beings we continue to think and behave negatively.

TNTA’S apprentice George tells his story.

TNTA'S apprentice George tells his story. Hello, I’m George a Digital Marketing Apprentice at The National Training Academy and I’m going to talk about my journey so far, as well as some social media tips that hopefully can help you. I started out as an 18-year-old boy who had no prior

I’ve left school, why do I need to learn?

I've left school, why do i have to learn? “I’ve left school, why do I need to learn?” is a question I get asked so many times, and my answer is always the same. We learn every day, without learning we would not engage in or experience life. Learning allows us to develop

No, you can’t take a holiday, I’m running a business!

No, you can’t take a holiday, I’m running a business! Every Small Business owner dreads those famous words ‘can I book annual leave please’. It’s hard enough running a small business without the added pressure of having staff take holidays, especially if you are very small company. Having just one person on annual leave can

New apprentice Kallum Wood – You’re HIRED!

Kallum Wood shares his story. Just two months ago I was driving to work and feeling a little down. I was on a zero-hour contract and being treated like a low level member of staff, which didn’t motivate me or make me feel valued. I used to dread going in to work.

Growing the message of Safeguarding

Growth is PANTS! On the 11th July 2016 children were failed again. Five girls who were sexually exploited, intimidated and subjected to "appalling violence" in Coventry were at risk for too long, a review has found. There were "a number of occasions" when the girls made current or historic allegations about sexual

Business quotes to get through the tough times

Business quotes to help get through the tough times Running a business is hard, it’s like a roller-coaster up with many highs and lows. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a small business owner you might find these top quotes helpful to keep you going through the tough times.

Top Tips for starting a business from a successful business owner

Top tips for budding entrepreneurs Starting a business is hard, anyone will tell you that, but what makes some businesses successful and some not even able to get past the first hurdle? If I had a pound for every time I have been asked what advice I have for new business owners, I would

Top Tips for lone workers

Lone working – personal protection techniques If you are a lone worker, then there may be times when you are at risk. By completing a risk assessment of the activity you are undertaking is the first step, but when all else fails you may need to protect yourself. What do you do

I am not an imposter…

I am not an imposter… Growing up I always had an underlying feeling that I was going to be caught out. That sounds like a really weird phrase to use and without an explanation very confusing, but what I mean if I am brutally honest is, I never recognised my skills/talents/things I was good, I

Business & Volunteering-How they mix

Business & Volunteering-How they mix Before I went into business I specialised in ‘Family Intervention’, working with families who had a variety of multiple and complex needs that impacted on their ability to parent. When I left employment in 2011 and became self-employed, I knew that I wanted to still be involved in something

Marketing plans and tactics

Doin' it for the KIDS When advising on marketing planning and tactics, I've always felt uncomfortable with the "K.I.S.S." description (Keep It Simple, Stupid). While I subscribe to the concept, it can be odd telling someone to 'kiss' and I would never call anyone stupid. It occurred to me the other day that there's an alternative

Top Tips for minute taking

Top tips for minute taking Minute taking is a real skill, here are six top tips for effective minute taking. Ensure that all of the essential elements are noted such as the type of meeting, name of the organisation, date and time, venue, name of the chair or facilitator and the main topics for discussion.

First aid at work online???

Thinking about doing your first aid at work online training? think again. Our lives run at such a fast pace these days and everything is mobile – banking, bookings, our social lives! What about learning? Learning takes place in so many ways, every day of your life you learn new things. So it’s frustrating that