Why you can’t beat good old pen and paper

How many times have you thought of a great idea and then it soon fades, as other thoughts enter your mind… Only next see someone who has made it happen and they are on TV talking about an idea or concept you once daydreamed of.

How many times have you had an idea but never had the belief, drive or time to follow up on the idea and investigate further?

Case in point. The year is 1991 and I have this great idea for a computer studies project. The task was to explain how the computer helped the process. We had basic Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and not forgetting Paint.

My project idea, was a date matching service. Based on a questionnaire completed by the people in my year. I was to match them on the Access database based on their likes and dislikes. I got a C and passed.

On to my A levels the year 1993, my favourite subject was business studies, it just seemed to resonate with me. I liked the researching, analysing, building something from scratch. So, my business studies course and my match making database seemed a great match, I started planning. However, I was told by one teacher that I’d be lucky if I passed, then the usual teenage distractions occurred. A year later I scrapped through my exams. Dating service was a distant memory. Until years later when Match.com and other online dating services became widely known. Damn, missed that one.

I have totally digressed, back to pen and paper!

If you have an idea write it down. Write down a small goal which takes you that step closer. Keep it somewhere visual, don’t let it hide! Give your idea the thought and dedication it deserves. You are more likely to do it, when you write something down.

But what I truly love about pen and paper is have ideas take on an organic growth of their own. Arrows to other ideas, links to people, just sketching ideas out is such a valuable tool.

I try (note try) to leave work at the office, but that rarely happens, I’m forever thinking about ideas. I keep empty used envelopes, as they are perfect for capturing a thought that pops into my head, whilst making breakfast or doing the dishes. These then often morph into a project, before the week is out the envelope is full. One day I’ll share the Truckers Suppers franchise idea with you lol.

These types of things rarely take shape in the form of action plans business plans, or even types up. Yet, they have given me some of my best ideas. And yes, there have been a few dud ones too!!

So yes, technology is great but pen and paper rule when it comes to allowing your brain to flourish and ideas to take shape.