New apprentice Kallum Wood – You’re HIRED!

Kallum Wood shares his story. Just two months ago I was driving to work and feeling a little down. I was on a zero-hour contract and being treated like a low level member of staff, which didn’t motivate me or make me feel valued. I used to dread going in to work.

Growing the message of Safeguarding

Growth is PANTS! On the 11th July 2016 children were failed again. Five girls who were sexually exploited, intimidated and subjected to "appalling violence" in Coventry were at risk for too long, a review has found. There were "a number of occasions" when the girls made current or historic allegations about sexual

Business quotes to get through the tough times

Business quotes to help get through the tough times Running a business is hard, it’s like a roller-coaster up with many highs and lows. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. As a small business owner you might find these top quotes helpful to keep you going through the tough times.