Top Tips for starting a business from a successful business owner

Top tips for budding entrepreneurs Starting a business is hard, anyone will tell you that, but what makes some businesses successful and some not even able to get past the first hurdle? If I had a pound for every time I have been asked what advice I have for new business owners, I would

Top Tips for lone workers

Lone working – personal protection techniques If you are a lone worker, then there may be times when you are at risk. By completing a risk assessment of the activity you are undertaking is the first step, but when all else fails you may need to protect yourself. What do you do

I am not an imposter…

I am not an imposter… Growing up I always had an underlying feeling that I was going to be caught out. That sounds like a really weird phrase to use and without an explanation very confusing, but what I mean if I am brutally honest is, I never recognised my skills/talents/things I was good, I

Business & Volunteering-How they mix

Business & Volunteering-How they mix Before I went into business I specialised in ‘Family Intervention’, working with families who had a variety of multiple and complex needs that impacted on their ability to parent. When I left employment in 2011 and became self-employed, I knew that I wanted to still be involved in something