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Level 2 Award in Postural Care online training qualification accredited by Ofqual

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Postural Care online training

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Simple Stuff Works, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of therapeutic positioning systems and associated training. We are delighted to work with Simple Stuff Works to develop an interactive online training course on postural care awareness. The course has been designed to support learners who are unable to attend training sessions during the day due to work or care commitments and as it is online it is open to anyone anywhere.

The importance of providing safe, effective postural care cannot be under estimated. All those who have contact with individuals in need of good postural care, including family members and personal assistants, need a sound understanding of how and why a person’s body can change shape and how to introduce new positions safely and gently.

This postural care online training course is for all those who work with and provide support for people who find it difficult to change position independently.


1. Identification of need

2: Pain and consent

3. Understanding postures – Hips, pelvis and leg distortions

4. Understanding postures – Chest distortions

5. Understanding postures – Sitting and lying

6. Understand 24 therapeutic positioning

7. Achieving thermal comfort

8. External factors affecting provision

This postural care online training course focuses on:

  • How to identify those in need of postural care
  • Understanding how and why the body changes shape over time if left unsupported
  • Methods that can be used to identify pain in individuals who do not communicate using words
  • Safety planning and introducing postural care in new situations or times of the day
  • Understanding the importance of temperature regulation when providing support
  • Working in partnership with individuals, their family carers and personal assistants.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

All of our courses are certified by the CPD Certification Service. They have been scrutinised by an independent assessor, ensuring they meet national standards.

Sample screenshots of our postural care online training course

Learning outcomes

Course code: PT1/2/NQ/017
Level: 2
Credits: 3

  1. Understand the need for postural care.
  2. Be able to identify pain and non-pain related behaviour in individuals who are unable to communicate.
  3. Be able to distinguish between destructive and supportive postures.
  4. Understand how to apply 24-hour positioning safely and humanely.
  5. Understand the principles of achieving thermal comfort for people needing postural care.
  6. Understand external factors affecting the provision of postural care.

Learning options and costs

Formal accreditation

£160pp + VAT (£192.00)
  • Duration/access to course materials: 12 months unlimited access
  • Place of study: Online
  • Support: Course trainer available to answer queries by email or our social media channels
  • Average time to complete: 14 hours
  • Assessment: Mini assessments at the end of each lesson, pass rate of 75% required. In addition learners must submit their learner file to their course tutor.
  • Certificate: Open College Network West Midlands certificate will be sent recorded delivery
  • Recognition: Formally accredited through Open College Network West Midlands – 3 credits
  • Payment: Pay online